Irish dancing classes

Do you want to practise your English and learn to dance at the same time?

Then come to the Irish dancing classes!
At Aula Magna

The first Friday of every month from:

December 4th at 20.30

Bring your Irish spirit/s!

3 comentarios:

Pau dijo...

Hi! I don't know if this is the best place to ask my questions...
I'm a student at the EOI but I've enrolled in a French course... I would like to know whether I would still be able to attend the Irish dance lessons or not, because I'm really interested in learning Irish dancing. I would also like to know if there's any registration fee involved in this activity.

By the way... how should we dress for these lessons?

Thanks a million!


Ace Ventura dijo...

Hi!I'm a student at the EOI and I'm very interested on this course, but I think the 4th is not the best date to star because the bank holiday. So,I hope it'll continue the next mounth and more, but just think about this kind of things.
I hope not to be the worse in January
See you next year!!!

Cristina dijo...

Hi there!
This sounds really interesting!!I am definetly going to attend!I´ve taken Highland dance clases and I´ve been told this is quite similar.
It´s going to be great FUN!!